A late-blooming entrepreneur who believes in the power of plain language.

My belief

Trust between individuals and corporations is broken.  This relationship is often based on suspicion, resentment, and misunderstanding.

My objective

To change the way that individuals and corporations relate to each other — for the greater profit of both — by rebuilding trust through plain language.

My method

I create readable, clear, and transparent communications that inspire and then demand honest profitability. I deliver eye opening plain language seminars to lawyers and business people in which I demonstrate the power of plain language, and how important it is in building trust.

My experience

  1. I have worked with language all my professional life, first as a journalist, then as a lawyer, and then as a plain language lawyer.

  2. Six years as a commercial litigator.

  3. Five years of plain language for banks, lawyers, and law firms in Asia.

  4. Plain language audits, templates, training, advice, and review to law firms in China.

  5. Training for lawyers at law firms in Vietnam and Cambodia.

My capabilities

Plain language

  1. An experienced plain language practitioner.

  2. Understand that plain language is part of good information design.


  1. I make things happen. I founded and run TLecs (www.tlecs.com), Asia’s only plain legal English consultancy using plain language to build trust between lawyers and clients from different cultures.

  2. I manage mindset change.

  3. I relate plain language to the societal element of triple bottom-line reporting.


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