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build trust through plain language

your statement

build trust through plain language

No Plain, No Gain

A full day plain language workshop that will change your life!

Started on Mon Dec 2, 2019 | US$5,000

    no pain

    It's fun, energetic, and revolutionary.

    This exceptional full day workshop is an introduction to plain language and a masterclass in one.

    No Plain, No Gain starts with a formidable mindset change exercise that includes a role play.

    We then learn how to apply 10 plain language techniques.

    Once we have these techniques in mind, we introduce a few challenging exercises.

    We bring the day to a close with in a group simplification of a complex document.

    We agree the document in advance so that it is challenging enough but also relevant to the business.

    Location & Contact Details

    9479 4997

    Typically, we deliver our workshops on your premises.