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build trust through plain language

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build trust through plain language

Plain Time Saver

An intense, focused workshop for those short on time. For up to 15 people.

Started on Mon Dec 2, 2019 | US$2,500

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    Our Plain Time Saver workshop is ideal for people who need the information but are short on time.

    It introduces plain language and gives participants an intense plain language focus.

    The workshop starts with an exciting mindset change exercise.

    We then learn and explore how to apply 5 plain language techniques.

    Once we have the techniques in mind, participants are given one challenging solo exercise.

    We bring the workshop to a close with the group rewriting a challenging short document of 3 pages or less.


    Dates: Dec 2, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019

    Total of 22 sessions

    Location & Contact Details

    9479 4997

    Typically, we deliver our workshops on your premises.